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Most of the functions are fee, including the image editor, genera image capture function, and image concatenations,

you may have a try,

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SpaceCapture is the fastest scrolling screen capture tool, designed for efficiency as well as conveniency.

Scrolling window capture tool is almost a must for every office white collar.

As on lots of occasions, you may need to make a snapshot of the website, or some scrolling window.

Today the browser can update its content in a blink of an eye, and the info has speedup to a very high level.

Efficiency means too much for us!

You need SpaceCapture —- the fastest universal capturing tool, ideally designed for you.

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For general capture,

multiple ways of capturing, it provides easy and comfortable tools for your work. you don’t need to learn anything, just use it as what you see!

Scrolling window capture,

(This is the only function that requires license),

Specifically designed for modern high speed browsers, the highest speed can be the same as the refresh rate.
Depends on your personally established habits, it provides 3 ways of capturing methods.
The intellectual mode applies for most of you, and most of the websites.
The flash mode applies to the plain text websites, where texts are the most significant.
The interactive mode scroll and cut the exact area you wanted, relieve you from the later editing efforts. You just need an easy mouse box selecting.

Concatenation pictures,

You may want to share your chatting experience on the self-multimedia world, and have your mobile phone pictures concatenated is easy.

Custom Appearance 


Video 1

Demonstration of fast capture, on the extreme case, it can catch the speed of your website refresh.


Video 2

Demonstration of interactive scroll capture, for cut mode, it will finish the cutting for your when capture finished.


Video 3

Intelligent scroll capture mode. You can capture in-frame window easily depends on your mouse click location.

You may also use interactive mode to capture in-frame window.

The program sets that the sub-window under the mouse pointer will  be captured.


Video 4

You can use it to concatenate your cellphone images into one




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